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Practical Solutions for Product Teams, Service Designers, and Marketers Using Applied Jobs Theory

Practical Jobs-to-be-Done (PJTBD) is an innovation-focused consultancy led by Mike Boysen, a seasoned expert in technology and service design as well general problem-solving. With over 30 years of experience across various industries, Boysen has developed a deep understanding of customer needs, utilizing the Jobs-to-be-Done framework to ensure solutions are both innovative and aligned with customer demands. PJTBD offers services in innovation consulting, team coaching, and digital information products, aiming to bridge the gap between customer needs and product capabilities. Their commitment lies in partnering with clients to ensure a practical and impactful innovation journey


Digital Accelerators offer resources and tools for streamlining innovation, providing in-depth industry insights and customer journey analyses to enhance product development.


JTBD Coaching guides teams in applying the Jobs-to-be-Done framework to their projects, enhancing problem-solving and customer-focused innovation.


Innovation consulting helps organizations develop new products and services, using a Jobs-to-be-Done approach to focus on customer needs to establish market leadership.

Here are a Few Examples of Accelerators that Will Make You a JTBD Superstar ✨

Latest Insights

You'll hear innovation consultants tell you that the consumption chain (how we're getting the job done) gets automated away by innovations, so why shouldn't innovation research in the Jobs to be Done change?  Well, it is ... at the speed of light.  

If you're interested in getting answers quickly and inexpensively that will help you compete for growth, you may want to pay attention as emerging technology is being utilized to disrupt the old guard ... the old, inflexible consulting models. Whether it's a specific job, or an array of jobs on a multi-sided platform, you can stay informed on the best way to get the answers you seek now, so you can take that action needed to compete for growth now! 

The JTBD Pyramid is Coming

If you are less interested in the theater of consulting, workshops, and research in general, this might be for you. We're building a pre-packaged set of frameworks and outcomes across a hierarchy of industries. Do you really need a bespoke consulting project that will cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars each? If not, you might find what you need here.

Our promise is to make innovation faster and less expensive while also making it 5X more predictable than other methods. Fill out the form below and I'll put you on the list for notification. The first 50 will get 1 year for FREE. You will get an email with more information 😉