Jobs-to-be-Done Coaching

Are you struggling to make sense of the Jobs-to-be-Done framework and how to apply it effectively to your specific situation? Do you find yourself stuck in analysis paralysis or simply unsure of your next steps? Our 1:1 (executive) or 1:M (team) coaching is here to guide you on your unique journey to success.

We Believe in Structure and Momentum

We have adapted a simple concept from the Lean world called the Plan, Do, Check, Act cycle (PDCA). This provides the system you need to be successful, and it guarantees that you'll maintain momentum.

Plan - Qualitative Research (Modeling)

  • Identify key research questions to answer
  • Scope the problem-space
  • Build a prioritizable model
  • Outline the components of a prioritization survey

Do - Quantitative Research 

  • (Optional) Conduct cognitive interviews to review the survey for readability
  • Source the respondents (ensure you get the right ones, and the necessary completes)
  • Field the survey
  • Monitor quality and completion rates
  • Finalize the resulting data set

Check - Analysis 

  • Decide on the data analysis platform
  • Import and transform the data
  • Finalize the data model
  • Determine the ranking approach
  • Define benchmark criteria
  • Run ranking and segmentation analyses
  • Identify value gaps and opportunities in the problem-space
  • Verify the results

Act - Strategy Formulation 

  • Determine the types of strategies to consider
  • Decide how the strategies will be evaluated
  • Develop the strategic options
  • Prioritize the strategies
  • Socialize or confirm the strategic priorities
  • Hand off to the design / product team to develop concepts for market validation

Ready to take control of your Jobs-to-be-Done journey? Contact us today to schedule your preliminary coaching session. Let's work together to break free from analysis paralysis and achieve your goals with practical solutions.

Note: I only take a small number of coaching clients to ensure that I have the availability necessary to provide a quality service. I'm happy to set up a time discuss your needs, however, and at that time I can update you on my availability.

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