Meet Mike Boysen

Innovator, Problem Solver, Customer-Centric Leader

A Blend of Technology and Empathy

With over 30 years of experience in technology design and problem-solving across various industries, Mike Boysen stands as a beacon of expertise and understanding in the field of innovation consulting. His journey began with a passion for technology, evolved through hands-on experiences, and was refined by a deep desire to understand and address customer needs.

A Journey Guided by JTBD

Mike's expertise is not just about technology; it's about understanding people. With 15 years dedicated to framing problems using the Jobs-to-be-Done framework, he has developed a unique lens through which customer needs are not just seen but deeply comprehended and acted upon. This framework has been the cornerstone of his approach, ensuring that solutions are not just innovative but also resonant with customer demands.

Diverse Industry Experience

Mike's three-decade-long career encompasses solving complex problems in a wide array of industries. This diverse experience has equipped him with a versatile skill set, allowing him to navigate and address the common processes and journeys vital to any enterprise. His insights are not just theoretical but are backed by real-world applications and successes.

Our Services
Practical Jobs-to-be-Done extends Mike's expertise to your team. We specialize in:
  • Innovation Consulting: Tailored to help product teams and service designers prioritize customer needs quickly, inexpensively, and with unmatched precision.
  • Team Coaching: For teams seeking similar outcomes but requiring a more flexible approach than traditional consulting.
  • Digital Information Products: Offering comprehensive resources on reducing costs, speeding up innovation, and enhancing precision. We also provide in-depth industry research, POVs, and analyses of common customer journeys across various verticals.
Our Commitment

At Practical Jobs-to-be-Done, our commitment is to bridge the gap between customer needs and your product's capabilities. We don't just consult; we partner with you to ensure that your innovation journey is both practical and impactful.

Join Us in Reimagining Innovation

Are you ready to transform your product development journey? Contact us and let Mike Boysen and the team at Practical Jobs-to-be-Done guide you towards innovation that not only excites but also fulfills.